Monday, 13 February 2012

United Capital Club

United Capital Club is providing the best services for Tourism, Medical Tourism and other coming social activities. We arrange holiday at some of the most exotic destinations in India and Abroad. We are constantly innovating to enhance our services and offer greater value at every step all the way. Keeping in mind your holiday travel needs, United Capital Club has launched a complete travel planning service to take care of every single need of yours. From accommodation, be there at our resorts or other hotels, to the best deals on air tickets and great holiday packages complete with sightseeing tours. The new service will even take care of documentation like visa processing, foreign exchange and travel insurance. With nothing to worry about, and no hassles to face, all you need to worry about is packing your bags.

About us

United Capital Club is a registered social club, touching new heights and committed to provide the best services for Tourism, Medical Tourism and other coming social activities e.g. blood donation camps, poor child education, free health check-up camps & many more services yet to come. Our Club is well managed by the proven track record workforce of young and passionate team workers. India is one of the most idyllic ambiences for a lavish vacation, the land of great wonders and diversities and also one of the most visited country of the world which covers snow clad mountain peaks of mighty Himalayas, verdant hill stations, breathtaking beaches, lovely lakes, gushing waterfalls, enchanting rivers, scenic backwaters, magnificent monuments, cultural heritage, fantastic forts, elegant places, terrific temples, intricate churches, colonial homes, wildlife parks & sanctuary, bird sanctuaries, dense forests, beautiful landscapes etc. which deserves attention. Our holiday travel packages encompass everything the traveler needs – planning the trip, booking travel tickets, getting a place to stay and guidance till you reaches the home. We have the expertise to handle groups of even more than 100 persons at a time. When you think for a great vacation to relax after going through the grinding schedules of daily life, internet helps you out and right away you get an overload of overwhelming information. Everyone claims to be the best but you know everyone can't. We customize the tours according to you as we try and understand your requirements and give it a flow. Secondly we know that you would come to us if we provide secure value for your money, share the savings with you and add further value to your experience. Our service starts with offering necessary guidance to plan the vacation and ends with the end of the great holiday trip. It is our sole objective to make ensure customers are satisfied and confident in our abilities to meet their needs.


Club boosts common-men to self stand towards their health, wellness & financial independency. As we all know all govt. are focusing on Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTA) to robust their GDP. United capital club is helping India for grow faster towards FTA.


To touch not only the top level by providing the best services for Tourism, Medical Tourism and other social activities to the World, but also the most preferred club for all.

Our Services

  • Holiday Tour Packages
  • Honeymoon Tour Packages
  • Yoga and Spa Tour packages
  • Wildlife Tour packages
  • Monument Tour packages
  • Beach Tour packages
  • Backwater Tour packages
  • Monsoon Tour packages
  • Medical Tour packages
  • Village(Home Stay) Tour packages
  • Eco Tour packages
  • Nature Tour packages
  • Volvo Tour Packages
  • Culture & Heritage packages
  • Adventure Tour packages
  • Education & Customized Holiday Packages
  • Car Rental Tour packages in India
  • Incentive, Corporate, Family & Group Tours
  • Domestic Air or Train Packages
  • Instant Hotel, Transfers, Sightseeing Reservation
  • Airline and Rail Reservation

Why join UCC

  • UnitedCapitalClub is a social welfare Club.
  • Become a Club-member and get Prestige, Prosperity & Respect in the society. Club makes it possible for you.
  • Selected & Registered Club-members will get FREE tour to senior citizen in your family time to time.
  • Club will provide you classes for better health, yoga, self realization & many more from best to best trainers.
  • Club born to lead in all social activities especially in Tourism, Medical Tourism & Self realization.
  • Club organizes tour for club-members in every part of India & Abroad to take rest & relaxes after scheduled work/job/business with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Club organizes many social activities e.g. YOGA classes, blood donation camps, Poor Child education,Health check-up programs etc.
  • Club is going to start a “UCC-AWARD” soon. Club-member only can participate in & get “UCC-AWARD”.
  • Club organizes different programs for STUDENTs/ Working people/ Business person and senior citizens which help them do best in their respective fields.
  • Well Educated/Dedicated and Proven track record Team managing the Club.
If you are the person who wants these facilities, JOIN the Club NOW…


  1. Feeling proud to be the part of this club...... Shubham New Delhi


    Keeping into mind the legalities, growth and success of our Club. We, UNITED CAPITAL CLUB have come up with an exit policy for the all the new associates who enter our Club. Wherein all the new joiners who are unable to match up with our Club culture or feel have been mis-led by any club-member, would have an option to withdraw their Membership within a maximum of 7 days of their date of registration. The concerned would be refunded with 80% of the amount paid at the time of registration and from there-on neither the company nor the concerned would have any liability towards each other.

    This policy has been drafted considering the future prospects of the organization and shall prove in the best interests of all who are a part of our family.

    Exit process:

    What personal information we collect from you and how we use it?
    You can Mail through your registered mail id within 7 days of joining that you wish to discontinue.
    Kindly state the reason for the discontinuation.
    Your ID shall be deactivated from our system and 80% of the amount paid by you shall be returned via NEFT to your Bank account as mentioned in your profile.
    This amount shall be transferred within 4 weeks of initiating the Exit request.
    Once you Exit, you can only take a reentry with new membership ID by paying the full amount again.
    The membership id should not upgraded.
    The existing associate should not have any Income accrued or generated.

  3. जींदगी का मकसद पूरा हो रहा है, धन्यवाद UCC को, वीवेक मिश्र

  4. Its a real opportunity .

    Thanks UCC

  5. I also a member of ucc bt I do not know ,how is posible that fun make money.
    Aruna kalia

  6. The purpose of UNITED CAPITAL CLUB!
    1. Mutual acquaintance in order to increase opportunities to ensure continual service.

    2. Establish trade and business to high ethical ideals. Each career / business to see in terms of respect and livelihoods of every member of society through service / opportunity to provide Assuming honor.

    3. Each member of the personal, professional and social life to accommodate the ideal of service-orientedness.

    4. International understanding, goodwill, and peace through the promotion of trade and business activities which support services are steeped in the spirit.

    5. Power and their ability to cooperate across the club.

    6. Everyone is a means of livelihood, social service, thus becoming a successful executive of the society, money, wealth, prestige, amenity to Srivriddhi progressively. The unavoidable reasons, may not be as successful as you are able to lend a hand to help them so they can catch up with you can run.

    7. Your business / business / service functions to achieve maximum success. It continued to note that the long-term success can be achieved through fair-purpose examination.

  7. Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.

    Thanks UCC
    vandna gandhi

  8. its a totally fraud company .......payout ke naam par logo ko gali dete h .....................

  9. i like your post ! Nationwide is launching core capital deferred shares which will help the building society